Services Provided

Neuro Linguistic PROGRAMMING

Neuro Linguistic Programming also known as NLP is a synsitis of cognitive  behavioural therapy. It is how we communicate outwardly what we perceive from our experiences, which will lead to a specific outcome or behaviour. NLP gives you the potential to discover new possibilities, it can help you get what you are searching for. We all have the resources to make change in our lives. Why not start now! NLP can be used to take away old habits and install new ones with amazing effective results.

NLP Life Coaching 

If there is areas of your life you would like to change to make your life run better then coaching maybe for you to achieve your desired results. Coaching will help you understand the situation, clarify how you would like to change, develop strategies and keep you focused. You will be educated with the knowledge and skills to identify problem areas that need improvement which will then lead you to create changes to your life and business with ongoing guidance and support.

Time line therapy(c)

Time Line Therapy(c) is a rapid technique used in the field of NLP to deal with limiting beliefs, decisions and negative emotions from the past, phobias, fears and Time Line Therapy (c) allows you to create the future you want.

Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy

You maybe wondering how hypnotherapy can help you. Hypnotherapy techniques are used to guide you into a relaxed state at which it becomes easy to create unconscious change with the power of suggestions. In therapy, hypnosis usually involves the client experiencing a sense of deep relaxation while focusing on positive suggestions to help make the greatest change.

Psychotherapy is a type of therapy used to treat emotional issues through the use of  techniques. In Psychotherapy we address problems by finding the root cause to improve personal growth and release symptoms.